Print your own durable, Wrinkle resistant table cover

Flame retardant

Machine washable

Wrinkle resistant

Ship in 3-7 Days


How many colors can you use in printing logo?

We use CMYK for printing, so you can use as many colors as you like.

Can you make a customized table throw or fitted table cover for me?

Yes, the standard table throw sizes are 4′, 6′ and 8′ in our store, but the size of table throw or fitted table cover can also be customized according to your table sizes or template sizes. If you need customized sizes, please contact our representatives for customer service.

If I spread the standard cover(4/6/8 ft) to the table, will it be dragged on the ground?

No, the edge of the tablecloth is just at the bottom.

Is the fabric flame retardant?

Yes, we have custom flame retardant fabrics for selection.

Can I wash or iron my table cover?

Yes, you can clean and smooth your tablecloth by hand-wash and ironing.

Will the fabrics fade? How long does it last?

To prevent fading and maintain color stability, we use sublimation print to ensure the fast color.